pretty cute affordable summer dresses under $50

15 Pretty Summer Dresses Under $50

Dress season is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier about that. Among the variety of dresses available my favorites are always flowy, summer dresses (we used to call…

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easy 3 5 ingredient dessert recipe printable

Chic & Easy Desserts Recipe Book

I’ve discovered a secret formula that I really must share with you. It would be selfish to keep this all to myself. You see, I recently realized that my chances…

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konmari method marie rondo paper declutter organized

KonMari Method Paper Declutter

Paper. I have a love-hate relationship with paper and paper products, but interestingly enough I found it exceptionally easy and freeing to throw it all out. All of it? Yes!!…

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best kosher salt diamond crystal vs morton

The Best Kosher Salt

A strange phenomenon has started to take shape in the recipe world, affecting both home cooks and professionals alike. Kosher salt, a staple of the culinary world in America for…

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easy key lime posset pudding custard cup recipe

Easy Key Lime Posset Pudding Cups

These lovely and refreshing pudding cups are like mini crustless, eggless key lime pies that are somehow just as delicious and indulgent as the real deal. Best of all, they…

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how to get rid of baby cradle cap flaky scalp treatment remedy

How to Get Rid of Baby Cradle Cap

I’ve found the most effective treatment for stubborn baby cradle cap, which is essentially those thick flaky patches on baby’s scalp. Both of my babies had remarkable hair. My first…

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elsa 11 month update baby development down syndrome

Elsa’s 11 Month Update

Baby Elsa is now a bouncing 11 month old. Literally. I mean she bounces up and down from a seated position throughout the day. It’s enough to melt anyone’s heart,…

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