bit and bauble
Hi, I’m Kate!

A wannabe housewife, living and working full time in a small rust belt town in the heart of Appalachia.  I moonlight as a mom to a mischievous toddler who keeps me and my husband on our toes.

To keep sane, I like to cook, create, and surround myself with my own personal brand of beauty and thoughtful design.

Bit & Bauble is a place to share recipes for food your family will love to eat and reviews for things I love and even for those that didn’t make the cut. It is a place for life hacks, tips and tricks, and even the occasional DIY.  Join me as I navigate life as a busy working mom, making life simpler, tastier, and of course, more stylish!


My passion is finding simple, stylish ideas to elevate everyday life without adding stress or complication. From easy, wholesome recipes to approachable beauty and fashion, my goal is to make life a little less complicated and a little more beautiful one post at a time.

Here you will find recipes for classic, wholesome dishes that are generally quick and easy to prepare and always up to my nearly-snobby standards, because if it doesn’t taste amazing or prevent cancer, why bother?

With a husband who turns his nose up at pretentious food and a toddler who is every bit as picky as they said he would be, you can trust that my recipes are family-friendly too!

Oh, and I have this thing for heirloom recipes and nostalgic foods that bring back memories, most of which tend to be regional.  So, every so often, you might find one of those gems in the mix, along with some homemade baby and toddler foods too!

Being a mom is an amazing journey, and while it can get stressful, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In the BABY + KIDS department, you can expect to find tips and tricks I’ve learned that make parenting a little easier, activities and craft projects to keep those little minds engaged, innovative products that simplify child rearing (that’s still a thing right?), as well as cute clothes and yummy foods for babies, toddlers, and big kids too.

You’ll also find some of my pregnancy and nursing posts here too, including What to Pack in a Pumping Bag and How to Create a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget.

My BEAUTY posts are all about finding the best products out there, because I don’t like wasting time or money on something that turns out to be a dud. My lifelong focus is on achieving clear, radiant skin and flawless makeup, which ranges from natural to sultry but generally nothing too experimental. Expect to find a slew of valuable tips and techniques I’ve found to be worthwhile, for issues ranging from managing long hair to treating skin *situations* to applying eyeliner so you look like you know what you are doing.

It causes me pain to pay full price for clothes, when we all know there will be plenty of 40% off sales right around the corner. My clothes buying philosophy is to invest in staples that fit you like a glove (think: crisp button-up shirts, a buttery soft leather jacket, and that perfect little black dress) and then sprinkle in affordable pieces each season from favorites like Old Navy, Target, Aerie, Mod Cloth, Nordstrom, Free People and Anthropologie (sale section of course).

My style swings from classic to boho, but almost always with a feminine flair. And while I do love to get dressed up for special events, I’m totally aware of my reality as a 31-year-old working mom who thinks going to Target is a special treat. In other words, I’m drawn to practical, casual clothes that I can schlep around in without looking like I just rolled out of bed. Let’s call it “Laidback Luxe” and leave it at that.

Where I go semi-crunchy-granola-mom, but not totally because I’m still a rational, wannabe-lazy human being. Expect posts on nutrition, supplements, treatments for common ailments, and any other easy eco/green/organic living tips.

My LIFESTYLE category is kind of like that mystery box labeled “Misc.” which you thought was a good idea at the time but it turns out it’s just completely unhelpful and maddening.

I use this LIFESTYLE title as an umbrella category to house all of my other (very interesting) content like:

TRAVEL :: featuring family-oriented travel guides including where to eat, what to do, and where to stay.

HOME :: you know…decor, room tours, paint colors, etc.

DIY :: sometimes kid-oriented, sometimes just to save some money and do it yourself, and sometimes just because I like sparkles.

CELEBRATIONS :: hosting parties and holiday celebrations can be super stressful. Here I’ll share any worthy tips and inspiration I’ve discovered, like How to Host a Party in the Park.  I also cover Holiday Gift Guides and share our family traditions.