Comfortable, Stylish Spring Shoes

My superpower is selecting comfortably stylish footwear. It’s a gift and a curse though. On one hand, my feet always look great and I’m able to walk great distances if need…

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pretty affordable green floral dress ideas

The Green Floral Dress

This Spring I’ve been eyeing several flirty feminine dresses all with a common theme: a lovely floral pattern on a lush green backdrop. What’s more, they are all comfortable and…

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command jewelry hooks 3m necklace storage organization

How I Store My Necklaces

Recently I started using these super simple Command Jewelry Racks to store my necklaces and it has totally transformed my accessories game. You see, I know that necklaces can really…

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white jeans style tips ideas


I can still clearly recall the first time I coveted a pair of white jeans. It was 2004 and I saw them paired with a red halter on the cover…

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DIY Sherpa Stylish Boot Stuffer Stand Organization


Tall boots are one of my very favorite accessories but as soon as I take them off they tip over and lay helplessly on the floor of my closet taking…

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Essential cozy clothing items for postpartum nursing moms. This collection of basic, post pregnancy clothes includes all of the essential clothing items for nursing and recovering during the first few…

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